Broadened Fortune 500 advertiser base through the development of creative advertising features designed to increase reader engagement both through publishing and online. Increased advertiser base designed to enhance marketing and business goals; boosted sales revenue by a quarterly average of 15-35% through effective research, outreach, and management. 

​"Michael is not afraid to make the right decisions and is always reliable in possessing the pertinent information required. He is decisive, sets a direction and reliably prioritizes without fear. He has the guts to make difficult business and people decisions. He takes initiative, is transparent and results-oriented. He acts with a real sense of motivation to meet a high bar."  Lou Fabrizio, Publisher

High-performing marketing departments don't happen by accident. It takes some experience and behind the scenes orchestration by marketing operations Pro who have a unique vantage point into the technology, data, people, and processes that go into building a world-class marketing organization.



Audited and formulated marketing and advertising programs designed around the promotions of events and performances. Increased ticket sales by 38% while finding new business opportunities through target advertising, merchandising, program and concessions operations and promotions. Produced direct marketing materials, brochures, fliers, and newsletters while partnering with local media, businesses, colleges, and other organizations.

"Michael Ryan on day-one was prepared and knowledgeable in critical areas of developing the brand, audience, and was able to deploy communication programs that incentivized point-of-purchase successfully. Great connection with the community as he was very personable and applied his findings in on-going projects."  Steve Walcott, VP Operations


Development of SYNESIS' B2B marketing team while provided a marketing, promotion, and digital marketing strategy for the new product launch of client software and mobile applications. Led efforts in the brand design and managed the development of all outbound marketing campaigns. Charted and devised an Enterprise Membership Package designed specifically to support SYNESIS on its marketing journey.

​" Michael provides thoughtful leadership. He set’s a high bar with fellow team members, peers, key stakeholders but builds strong relationships that connect ideas across data silos; he possesses high-grade diplomatic skills that effectively negotiates harmony."​  Carl Singh, CEO/Founder

Stockgroup Media, LLC., Vancouver, BC 

Trained coached and developed new sales and marketing team at Effectively providing a digital marketing, promotion, and branding strategy for new product and service launch for tech-startup.

"Mike Ryan. is most achievement oriented about what can be. He is persistent, perseverant, and resilient to setbacks. He seeks elevated levels of activity in a fast-paced environment and proves a fierce commitment to challenging goals. He's well equipped to interface at any level of the organization in a context of major cultural exchange”.  Lara Stone, President